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If you’re just browsing for now, some examples of projects I’ve worked on are shown below.


Work for Isotoma 2009–2013


  • Internal tools for credit risk management team at the world’s largest advertising media company.
  • Large Ruby on Rails app backed by SQL Server. Extensive test coverage using Cucumber and RSpec.
  • Maintenance and new features for existing reporting and data administration tools.
  • New build of dashboard tools to filter, aggregate and analyse data on billions of dollars worth of debt.

Harper Collins Best British Churches

  • Companion iPhone app for the new edition of Sir John Betjeman’s classic guide.
  • Custom UI widget for photo galleries. Custom UIWebView-based ebook reader for excerpts.
  • Incorporated SQLite database to manage data from over two thousand churches.
  • Sole developer.

Channel 4 This Just In

  • Short-run experiment fostering new comedy talent. Produced in conjunction with Endemol and Zeppotron.
  • Django based web application backed by PostgreSQL with bespoke admin area.
  • Varnish caching layer to guard against high load, with fine-grained programmatic cache expiration.
  • Lead developer and project manager.

The Blinc Partnership

  • Tools for participating in market research online.
  • Node.js real-time group chat application, allowing focus groups to be conducted remotely.
  • Django application for creating branching questionnaires with assorted question types.
  • Lead developer and project manager.

Work for Sense Internet 2000–2009


  • Secure voting application for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.
  • Primary source of vote data for the BAFTA awards.
  • Single-page JS-driven app with graceful degradation to fully functional non-JS fallback.
  • Sole front-end developer.


  • Public-facing website for the UK’s 2nd-largest budget hotel chain.
  • Tackled CSS bloat on this large, highly trafficked site for a reduction in filesize of around 60%.
  • Lead developer for extensive Google Maps API integration.


  • Public-facing website for the UK’s biggest rolling paper brand.
  • Sole developer for several traffic-friendly Flash games, including Breakout and Mahjong.
  • Lead developer for portal-style personal homepage with customizable drag & drop widgets.

Sense Internet Internal JavaScript Toolkit

  • Library of over 20 UI plugins including date picker, dialog box and auto-complete widgets.
  • Animation and interaction helpers (CSS property tweening, drag & drop).
  • Widgets optionally instantiated and configured with pure markup via attribute conventions.
  • Lightweight HTML and JS debug console for situations where a browser debug console is unavailable.
  • Build tool to package only the components you need.
  • Lead developer.